Surviving as a Single Mom

No one has ever said that bringing children up as a single mother was easy but, many do it and do great jobs of it too. There are several tips that you should remember to try and make your life a little better as a single mom but probably the most important tip is to remember to laugh. Laughing is good therapy but sometimes we get so stressed out with different dramas that we often forget to laugh. I am sure that as a single mother, at least once every day there is an incident that occurs which, although stressful and almost unmanageable at the time, could be looked back on with laughter having successfully coped with it, that is, if you let yourself laugh. Although you may at the same time pray that it doesn’t happen again, try and look back every day at the funnier side of the incidents which you had to deal with during the day. Of course, if you would rather not do that, at least find something else to laugh at each and every day. Not only will a good laugh help you get through life’s difficulties but it would probably do your kids good to hear you laugh and shows them that no matter how hard life can be, it still has its good side.

Other tips that may help you are; don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. There are always times when somebody needs assistance, it isn’t something that single mothers have a monopoly on but it is single moms that seem to worry about asking for help; don’t. Another tip is to ensure that you take care of yourself. Although single moms are always busy, they must find time to look after themselves as, if they get sick, the situation will only get worse. Single moms do a great job and so shouldn’t be afraid to congratulate themselves from time to time. A last tip is to remember that you are not in competition with anybody else, not the single mother down the street or the married couple next door. They are not important to you, only you and your kids so don’t waste time and effort trying to compete with anyone else.

Often one of the ways that single moms would like to improve their situation is by advancing their education but many think that they can’t afford it. What all too many of these single mothers do not realize though is, there are scholarships for single moms and some of them may be easier to qualify for than they may think. It is possible today, for a single mom to go online and find out all the scholarships that are available for them and at the same time learn if they could qualify to complete one. Yes it may be difficult to factor in improving your education with your already busy time schedule but, remember these are scholarships especially designed for people just like you.

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