Comparing HGV Insurance

Unlike regular car insurance which only really allows you two choices, either third party insurance or fully comprehensive insurance, HGV insurance has many more options to choose from. Not only are there different policies you may want to compare, there are also a huge variety of prices you can pay, depending on which insurance company you get the insurance from. In order to get the most suitable policy for you, at a reasonable price, you will have to spend hours calling all the different insurance companies to get quotes for each of their different policies. Even then though, you may not fully appreciate all the small print which is on each policy. A solution to spending all this time searching for the best insurance for your HGV, is to look at a website like compares all the different policies for you. These sites are usually owned by insurance brokers and so they are people that can answer any questions you may have about one or other of the policies and, if you wish, possibly make some recommendations as to which policy would best suit your individual situation.

Brokers, unlike insurance agents, owe no loyalty to any one insurance company and as they deal with HGV insurance on a daily basis and are well aware of insurance practices, their advice is often very beneficial. The difference between agents and brokers is that agents are employed by an insurance company and so their job is to try and ensure you buy a policy from that company. A broker on the other hand, although they may have at one time been an agent, they opted to go freelance and so are therefore to suggest or offer you a policy from any insurance company.
Some of the factors that you have to take into consideration when shopping for HGV insurance are first, the size of the truck. Second is the type of freight you propose the truck to carry. The type of load makes a difference as, if you intend to transport hazardous freight, you may have to pay more. Thirdly you will have to take into consideration where you expect your truck to operate. If it intended for the truck to make international deliveries, as some countries have different insurance requirements, you may also have to pay more. Lastly, the age of your driver can make a difference to how much you pay for your insurance. Generally, most insurance companies, when it comes to providing HGV insurance, prefer not to give it to drivers under the age of 25 but if they do, they will probably charge extra or doing so. Although this may seem a little complicated, a good broker will quickly sort through the maze of policies to present you with any that are relevant and that you may want to look further at. Usually these websites or the brokers when contacted directly, can give you immediate quotes from many insurance companies and soon after more from other companies if requested.

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