Claim Work Related Phone Consumption On Your Tax Refund

Many people are wondering whether they can claim work-related phone calls in their tax refund. The short answer to this question is yes given that you follow on how to file it properly. This can be done even if you make use of your own personal phone.

The Rules
Your own mobile phone is meant for personal use only but there are times when you use it for work related purposes. On the other hand, a work mobile phone is something that is really given to you by the company to be used for work purposes. The bill is paid by your employer. Only the work-related calls on your own personal mobile phone can be claimed in your tax return.

How To Claim Work-Related Calls
You can easily claim work related calls on your mobile phone by getting a copy of the monthly account statement wherein your work related calls are stated. You should choose a month where the typical amount of calls and number of calls you make that are work related are found. You need to compute for the percentage of your work related calls. To do this, first get the total number of calls that you have. Then count the number of the calls that are work related then compute for the percentage. The number of calls made that is work related should be divided by the total number of calls and then multiply it by 100. Then calculate its percentage in terms of the amount of money spent. Multiply this by 12.

Useful Tip
It is important that you make sure your records are intact. You should also be able to show them how you were able to compute for the calculated tax deductions so that if they have any questions, you will be able to answer promptly so that they can approve your claim. Keep the actual account statement where you based your computation from as well as a record of your other bills for that year as proof of what you have spent. Mobile apps like the Etax mobile app can help you keep them recorded and arranged accordingly.

Mobile Data
Your mobile data can also be included in the claim. Instead of just computing for your calls, you can compute for your whole bill using the percentage you have computed for your calls. This automatically includes the data used in your bill. For excess fees due to data usage, it is unfortunate that they are not able to cover this in your tax return.

Another great tip that you can do is to switch to a mobile plan that already includes data. Nowadays there are low cost plans that would allow you to use data without having to pay excess fees. Aside from being able to get more out of your tax return, you should also be able to determine ways on how you can save on your bills and consumptions so that there would be more cash left for you to enjoy.

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