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Comparing HGV Insurance

Share0Share0Share0Share0Unlike regular car insurance which only really allows you two choices, either third party insurance or fully comprehensive insurance, HGV insurance has many more options to choose from. Not only are there different policies you may want to compare, there are also a huge variety of prices you can pay, depending on which insurance company […]

Claim Work Related Phone Consumption On Your Tax Refund

Share0Share0Share0Share0Many people are wondering whether they can claim work-related phone calls in their tax refund. The short answer to this question is yes given that you follow on how to file it properly. This can be done even if you make use of your own personal phone. The Rules Your own mobile phone is meant […]

Surviving as a Single Mom

Share0Share0Share0Share0No one has ever said that bringing children up as a single mother was easy but, many do it and do great jobs of it too. There are several tips that you should remember to try and make your life a little better as a single mom but probably the most important tip is to […]

5 Advantages of Hiring an SMSF Accountant

Share0Share0Share0Share0Do you plan to use your self-managed superannuation fund to invest in other commercial, residential properties or any other form of investment? If you plan to invest your self-managed superannuation fund, you will actually benefit more if you hire the services of an experienced smsf accountant. You can absolutely trust your accountant to manage your […]

Investment Property: Your Key Towards A Successful Business

Share0Share0Share0Share0You have read the title about right, that is, if you do the right things. Though some other people claim to have generate some large digits of income, it is still about how you strategically plan your way into property investment. So why choose property investment? Number one, it’s secure, it can be made legal […]