Comparing HGV Insurance

Unlike regular car insurance which only really allows you two choices, either third party insurance or fully comprehensive insurance, HGV insurance has many more options to choose from. Not only are there different policies you may want to compare, there are also a huge variety of prices you can pay, depending on which insurance company you get the insurance from. In order to get the most suitable policy for you, at a reasonable price, you will have to spend hours calling all the different insurance companies to get quotes for each of their different policies. Even then though, you may not fully appreciate all the small print which is on each policy. A solution to spending all this time searching for the best insurance for your HGV, is to look at a website like compares all the different policies for you. These sites are usually owned by insurance brokers and so they are people that can answer any questions you may have about one or other of the policies and, if you wish, possibly make some recommendations as to which policy would best suit your individual situation.

Brokers, unlike insurance agents, owe no loyalty to any one insurance company and as they deal with HGV insurance on a daily basis and are well aware of insurance practices, their advice is often very beneficial. The difference between agents and brokers is that agents are employed by an insurance company and so their job is to try and ensure you buy a policy from that company. A broker on the other hand, although they may have at one time been an agent, they opted to go freelance and so are therefore to suggest or offer you a policy from any insurance company.
Some of the factors that you have to take into consideration when shopping for HGV insurance are first, the size of the truck. Second is the type of freight you propose the truck to carry. The type of load makes a difference as, if you intend to transport hazardous freight, you may have to pay more. Thirdly you will have to take into consideration where you expect your truck to operate. If it intended for the truck to make international deliveries, as some countries have different insurance requirements, you may also have to pay more. Lastly, the age of your driver can make a difference to how much you pay for your insurance. Generally, most insurance companies, when it comes to providing HGV insurance, prefer not to give it to drivers under the age of 25 but if they do, they will probably charge extra or doing so. Although this may seem a little complicated, a good broker will quickly sort through the maze of policies to present you with any that are relevant and that you may want to look further at. Usually these websites or the brokers when contacted directly, can give you immediate quotes from many insurance companies and soon after more from other companies if requested.

Claim Work Related Phone Consumption On Your Tax Refund

Many people are wondering whether they can claim work-related phone calls in their tax refund. The short answer to this question is yes given that you follow on how to file it properly. This can be done even if you make use of your own personal phone.

The Rules
Your own mobile phone is meant for personal use only but there are times when you use it for work related purposes. On the other hand, a work mobile phone is something that is really given to you by the company to be used for work purposes. The bill is paid by your employer. Only the work-related calls on your own personal mobile phone can be claimed in your tax return.

How To Claim Work-Related Calls
You can easily claim work related calls on your mobile phone by getting a copy of the monthly account statement wherein your work related calls are stated. You should choose a month where the typical amount of calls and number of calls you make that are work related are found. You need to compute for the percentage of your work related calls. To do this, first get the total number of calls that you have. Then count the number of the calls that are work related then compute for the percentage. The number of calls made that is work related should be divided by the total number of calls and then multiply it by 100. Then calculate its percentage in terms of the amount of money spent. Multiply this by 12.

Useful Tip
It is important that you make sure your records are intact. You should also be able to show them how you were able to compute for the calculated tax deductions so that if they have any questions, you will be able to answer promptly so that they can approve your claim. Keep the actual account statement where you based your computation from as well as a record of your other bills for that year as proof of what you have spent. Mobile apps like the Etax mobile app can help you keep them recorded and arranged accordingly.

Mobile Data
Your mobile data can also be included in the claim. Instead of just computing for your calls, you can compute for your whole bill using the percentage you have computed for your calls. This automatically includes the data used in your bill. For excess fees due to data usage, it is unfortunate that they are not able to cover this in your tax return.

Another great tip that you can do is to switch to a mobile plan that already includes data. Nowadays there are low cost plans that would allow you to use data without having to pay excess fees. Aside from being able to get more out of your tax return, you should also be able to determine ways on how you can save on your bills and consumptions so that there would be more cash left for you to enjoy.

Surviving as a Single Mom

No one has ever said that bringing children up as a single mother was easy but, many do it and do great jobs of it too. There are several tips that you should remember to try and make your life a little better as a single mom but probably the most important tip is to remember to laugh. Laughing is good therapy but sometimes we get so stressed out with different dramas that we often forget to laugh. I am sure that as a single mother, at least once every day there is an incident that occurs which, although stressful and almost unmanageable at the time, could be looked back on with laughter having successfully coped with it, that is, if you let yourself laugh. Although you may at the same time pray that it doesn’t happen again, try and look back every day at the funnier side of the incidents which you had to deal with during the day. Of course, if you would rather not do that, at least find something else to laugh at each and every day. Not only will a good laugh help you get through life’s difficulties but it would probably do your kids good to hear you laugh and shows them that no matter how hard life can be, it still has its good side.

Other tips that may help you are; don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. There are always times when somebody needs assistance, it isn’t something that single mothers have a monopoly on but it is single moms that seem to worry about asking for help; don’t. Another tip is to ensure that you take care of yourself. Although single moms are always busy, they must find time to look after themselves as, if they get sick, the situation will only get worse. Single moms do a great job and so shouldn’t be afraid to congratulate themselves from time to time. A last tip is to remember that you are not in competition with anybody else, not the single mother down the street or the married couple next door. They are not important to you, only you and your kids so don’t waste time and effort trying to compete with anyone else.

Often one of the ways that single moms would like to improve their situation is by advancing their education but many think that they can’t afford it. What all too many of these single mothers do not realize though is, there are scholarships for single moms and some of them may be easier to qualify for than they may think. It is possible today, for a single mom to go online and find out all the scholarships that are available for them and at the same time learn if they could qualify to complete one. Yes it may be difficult to factor in improving your education with your already busy time schedule but, remember these are scholarships especially designed for people just like you.

5 Advantages of Hiring an SMSF Accountant

Do you plan to use your self-managed superannuation fund to invest in other commercial, residential properties or any other form of investment? If you plan to invest your self-managed superannuation fund, you will actually benefit more if you hire the services of an experienced smsf accountant. You can absolutely trust your accountant to manage your funds for you since he or she knows everything about managing and investing. Your greatest concern should be to hire the best accountant who specializes in self-managed superannuation funds so that you can make the most of your investment. Are you still in doubt whether you should hire an accountant to help you manage your funds or not? Read on to find out about the benefits of hiring am accountant.

They are experts.
Yes. When you hire the best self-managed superannuation fund accountants in town, you can rest assured that they have all the expertise needed to manage your funds. They earned their degree in accountancy. That means they studied their major thoroughly. They also passed the examinations to earn their title as accountants. What’s more, they have acquired their licenses and certifications as well. You can trust them since they know their duties and responsibilities. Thus, there is no reason that they cannot meet your expectations.

They can help you manage your funds well.
Since they know the ups and downs of investing and are quite knowledgeable in matters pertaining to self-managed superannuation funds, you can expect them to help you make the most of your funds. You can rely on their expertise when it comes to managing your funds well since they have a better idea on how to use your funds to your greatest advantage.

They can help you minimize your risks.
They already have the knack for choosing which kind of investment is right for your financial status or funds. Based on their experience, they can somehow predict the outcome of their actions. In other words, they have a better idea on what can possibly happen if they invest in a particular investment. This means they can know which investments will go well or not. They can know how to avoid further losses or minimize the risks. Thus, you can rest assured that your funds are in good hands.

They will do the work for you.
They actually offer convenience on the part of their clients since their clients do not have to do much; instead, they most likely do all the paperwork for them. They do not only help their clients set up a self-managed superannuation fund, but they also prepare all the documents that they need in their business transactions.

They work based on the law.
Once you hire an accountant, you can rest assured that you do not have to worry about the legal aspects of setting up a self-managed superannuation fund or investing since they know and follow what the law requires to the letter. What’s more, they perform their work without violating the law, so you definitely do not have to worry about paying any penalty because of not following the law.

Investment Property: Your Key Towards A Successful Business

You have read the title about right, that is, if you do the right things. Though some other people claim to have generate some large digits of income, it is still about how you strategically plan your way into property investment.
So why choose property investment? Number one, it’s secure, it can be made legal through the power of attorney or through the court, you have lot’s of options and most of all, you can do it even without cash. It doesn’t matter how much property you own, the technique is how much property you know that is available for sale, or for lease.

As long as you get the owner to know that you will be helping in dealing the property or at least investing in it, you still have the chance to generate more income from it – one full time. Regardless the risks, you must be able to sort out the best options of what property is the best to pull out with your pockets. Best tip could be you must roam around places and look for at least more than a handful of properties, some even look at a hundred plus. Don’t just choose randomly, you must look at from the inside out, like skinning a rabbit.

In this method, you will know what’s your money’s worth. Much more than that, there are other factors that line up in property investing too. The best category to fall in is in business. Reselling a property for business purposes is has a lot more potential in letting you generate as much income as what you have invested in it – double or even triple it. You may wan’t to know more by watching the video below – lot’s of fun stuff to learn from it, so enjoy watching!